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Business Development Down to a Science

FirstIgnite increases the corporate partnership opportunities for research institutions by harnessing AI. Our users enter a description of their research and are matched to the markets, companies, and contacts most interested in partnering.

Trusted by over 100 research institutions to grow their corporate partnerships

Autopilot: AI-Powered Prospecting

Autopilot incorporates AI to accomplish all of your prospecting tasks at once, preparing an entire marketing campaign in a matter of minutes. With just one click, Autopilot:

  • Generates targeted companies
  • Finds key contacts
  • Summarizes research
  • Provides a market report

Simple, AI-Powered Toolset.


Kick-start your customer discovery and market research with FirstIgnite.

Find customers, investors, collaborators, and more by using the power of intelligent matching.

In a few steps, you can turn scientific text into partner discovery. Enter your most complex ideas, patents, or papers and our artificial intelligence will match it to industry interests.

Every match is paired with an explanation of how it’s relevant, helping you cut down time spent on research.


The right contacts with verified emails at 71M companies, at your fingertips.

Our AI reviews job descriptions, social profiles, research history, and other open source information to find the right contact at any company.


Communicate your complex ideas in ways that get attention.

Our AI doesn’t just help you find partners and people. FirstIgnite will also help you describe your innovations in ways your partners care about.

Break down complex science and initiatives into easy-to-understand summaries, focusing on what problems they solve, advantages, and market applications.

Impact After Using FirstIgnite’s AI Software for One Year


Reduced time to create marketing material.


Increase in email outreach.


The number of licensing agreements.