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How do I set up my scheduling page?

Step 1: Click the “Setup Scheduling Pages” button on your home view.

Step 2: If this is your first-time setup, you’ll be prompted to connect your university calendar. We highly recommend connecting your calendar as it prevents meetings from being booked during already scheduled events, and is able to sync events with your calendar seamlessly. If you need help connecting your calendar, refer to this guide. If you don’t want to connect a calendar, you can select “Skip” at the bottom of the prompt.

Step 3: Click “Add new scheduling page”.

Step 4: Customize your booking page title under “What should new events be named?” and your meeting duration under “How long is each event?”. The title is what companies will see above your availability.

Step 5: Click “Next”.  You will be able to set your general availability under “When can events be booked?” and your future meeting window under “How far in the future can events be booked?”.

Step 6: Click “Create”.

You’re all set! Our team will use your booking link in campaigns going forward, and companies will be able to schedule time without you having to lift a finger.

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