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How to Write a Non-Confidential Summary with FirstIgnite

Creating non-confidential summaries is a cumbersome process, which requires the re-interpretation of complicated scientific information and syphoning it down into the most critical elements that industry would find relevant. The man-hours associated with this task are steep. By using FirstIgnite, scientific text of any kind can be used to create a uniform, shareable document in a matter of seconds.

To begin, simply copy and paste the text from any scientific document (patent, brief, journal article, etc.) and place it within the FirstIgnite summarization tool. Upon clicking the “Get Summary” button, in real-time, FirstIgnite will create a non-confidential summary including the technology’s description, benefits, and marketplace applicability. This document is editable and can be downloaded as a PDF, HTML, or Text file.

With minimal effort, a new piece of marketing material can be created with FirstIgnite that can help support your team in accomplishing licensing, research sponsorship, or other corporate engagement initiatives.